Songs For The Staying Home... Shirts !

It's occurred to me early on ....that in recording multiple videos for general viewing consumption, one requires a chance of clothing now and then - y'know, so that you don't think that I never wash...or that I'm a one trick shirt pony (?!). So it is that one of the unintended consequences of Songs For The Staying Home will be that you get to see a fair whack of my shirt collection. This is interesting. The one thing I definitely don't do much of is fashion. But ...needs must. The observant of you may have noticed that my first video ("Tear It All Down") features a particularly dashing 'bicycle' shirt design that if truth be told was bought for the eldest son. He decided he was too cool for it, and came to me. The mundane news is that it's probably the most exciting shirt I have. And just to prove it I am modelling my mudanely outrageous purple shirt. Its the second most exciting one I have. What's not to like....

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