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GDJ NBNY cover 1400 x 1400


Released Jan 08
GDJ NBNY cover 1400 x 1400

Hundred Year Skin

Released Jan 08

The Fields

Released Mar 11


Released Mar 11
Breathe Front Cover


Released Feb 09

“Hailing from Bangor in Northern Ireland, Davies-Jones borrows just enough from the folk traditions to imbue the album with a deliciously inviting, roots-infused sound that avoids any folk clichés and maintains a breezy pop hue that is sure to appeal far beyond any genre boundaries.” Folking.com

“Very beautiful music……I can thoroughly recommend this” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2

“Gareth Davies-Jones is one of the UK’s best-kept musical secrets…powerful songs and affecting performances” Properganda

“Rich and soulful vocals, a fine ear for melody & masterful acoustic guitar playing” Rockn’Reel Magazine

“Some artists often sing in the name of one cause or another without conviction, but that is not the case here. The legacy of well-written, descriptive music laid down by Woody Guthrie, still lives on here in the UK” Maverick Magazine(5 Stars)

“..intelligent songs which make a point gently and invoke sympathy……..someone to be taken seriously” fROOTS

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